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Who Can Benefit ?

  • Trucking Company's 

  • Owner Operators

  • Freight Brokers

  • Insurance Agents

  • Factoring Company s

  • Dispatchers

  • Software Developers (TMS)

  • Supply Chain Management Comany's

  • ....Any Person connected to logistics

Key benefit's to leverage your position within logistics

* Credibility*

Being part of something that brings credibility to your business within logistics is crucial. The PLSPA stands for more than just fighting the FMCSA on rules and regulations like most logistics Associations.  We are about promoting the hard work and diligence of our core members to help them increase their business. Standing for professionalism and credibility is key to any logistics company

*Free Consulting*

All our members have access to consulting meeting with our logistics development team. With over 15 years of business development, the PLSPA has a team that is diverse when it comes to moving forward with strategy within logistics. Whether it’s from the trucking aspect, to working within finance, the PLSPA can help guide small business owners in the right direction.

* Branding Recognition*

Branding your logistics company is critical. Letting your customers know that you have a service for them to benefit from is just part of your daily job. Bringing your services to a new heightened level of recognition is what we focus on. Being part of the PLSPA will show your clients that you’re not ordinary and you stand for recognition of what you do.

* Accountability*

We hold all our members to the highest degree of accountability. For this reason, when your clients know you’re a member with the PLSPA, they know they are dealing with a logistics professional they can trust. All our members are encouraged to take part of our monthly accountability program which keeps each member focused on diligence and compliance within the logistics industry.

* Legal Representation*

Being a member of the PLSPA gives each business access to some of the best legal corporate attorneys within the industry. Having the ability to work with the right legal partners enables your company to keep compliance and credibility while you protect your business. From corporate documents to necessary State filings. Our partnered Attorneys will help you with whatever your needs are.

* Market Education Updates*

Being a member of the PLSPA will allow you to stay on top of the best information within logistics. We are constantly bringing informative information from within key industries to our members to help them grow their business. We won’t fill your email with tons of marketing material trying to sell you products like other associations do, we will only send you information current and that is beneficial.​

* Distinguished Logo*

One of the most appealing aspects of being a member with the PLSPA is putting our logo on your website or trucking equipment. You are showing the logistics industry who you really are. The logo is designed to allow any person to click the link from within your website and be drawn to a page that represents you and who you are. This concept allows the person who has clicked on your logo to get a better understanding of your company and to become assured that your business is one of integrity. This type of representation is priceless within the logistics community.

Once Your Application is Approved. Your Logo will be linked to a member verification page for the logistics community to view.  

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