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PLSPA First Chance Outreach Program


The PLSPA supports a cause that shows other Young Professional Woman how to become true entreprenuers by building transport solutions into thriving 3rd world markets. This opportunity is their first chance to benefit on how great moving freight can be ! We invest for SUCCESS


Americas is the strongest industry to grow within Logistics and the PLSPA is proud to be part of this great industry. 

The PLSPA believes in blessing others so that we in our own logistics business can be blessed as well. We have invested into the future within Logistics in Countries that are beyond our walls within the States. We are committed to helping People in other countries become successful within logistics thru our support and guidance. Our first Chance Program is funded by the PLSPA members and thru this contribution we are able to invest into new start up logistics company for amazing people. 50% of all monthly members dues are applied to the First Chance Program. This is someone in another place that is deserving of a first chance to have the opportunity to take the love they have for logistics and build a successful logistics business that changes many lives. We support this cause on our own free will and allow God to have the Glory.

PLSPA First Chance Outreach

The PLSPA Outreach Program  was created in 2012 to harness the values of Logistics Professionals for the good of the Logistics community in other parts of the world. Just as The PLSPA success hinges on strong teams that value the industry and want to help share to the others who's lives could be changed and blessed. We proudly partner with our members in helping others grow with a first chance to participate and be successful within the entrepreneurial world of logistics

With the PLSPA Team and desire to move forward, The PLSPA members are truly making a difference within transportation.

The First Chance Program Is Focused On Strategy With 2 Bright Minds 

PLSPA Members have  Invested and are Driven To Success With Cooperation And By Supporting 2 People To Build A Refrigerated Transport Service Company In a City Of 2 Million People.

We Are Investing Into 3 Trucks In 2 Years 

Cold Storage Movement Transport

We are Partnered with 2 Young Business Woman to manage and build a Transport Company that is Certified To Transport  -10 degree frozen meat products between islands and build the next Best Cold Temperature Controlled Transport Company from our Support

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