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About The PLSPA

About The PLSPA

PLSPA helps logistics professionals better manage their business for long term success and to be leaders within the industry. PLSPA provides value & leadership.

 The Professional Logistics Service Providers Association

The Professional Logistics Service Providers Association also known as PLSPA is the premier organization that is faith based who represents any business who is associated with logistics and primary for Third-Party Logistics Professionals, Owner Operators, Trucking Insurance Providers, Financial Factoring Companies and Trucking Company’s doing business in North America. PLSPA provides resources, consulting, information, advocacy and connections to establish, maintain and represent Christ within each member business and helps its members to move forward within integrity, honesty, profitability, and growing their logistical businesses that creates a positive impact on logistics within America today. PLSPA Members have a primary focus of showing Christ thru their work and thru their actions within logistics.

PLSPA is a strong, united and synergistic organization for North American third-party logistics companies that celebrates the individual disciplines of its members while speaking with one voice to shippers, carriers, government officials and international organizations.

PLSPA provides value to its members through networking its dedicated members for the common good of bringing each member business to the front of logistics as leaders and companies to be trusted.

PLSPA provides leadership and direction for the 3PL industry and professionals to advance professional standards, business practices and the overall image and credibility of the profession and its ultimate contribution to America from our stand as a Faith Based Association.

PLSPA helps logistics professionals better manage their business for long term success and to be leaders within the industry. 


PLSPA IS Here for its members solely by:

  • Protecting each member business from harmful regulation, corrupt logistical companies, and by providing a strong voice on their behalf to Congress, the Administration, States, and other associations looking to wrongly profit from our members hard work and success.

  • Providing Consulting and Networking for CEOs and their companies designed to promote Christ in their workplace and better improve their employees lives through continuing support and mentoring.

  • Providing MEMBER BENEFITS, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS that provide great discounts and services from member to member which enables success from within.

  • Promoting the ONLY ETHICAL STANDARDS from The BIBLE that all members share the same belief and hold to the highest standards of practice.

  • Developing Networks to enhance and increase profits for all members.

  • Growing a STRONG CHRIST CENTERED ASSOCIATION that can show others who Christ is and how Christ is shown through each member integrity and honesty.

  • Developing a home Association for those who truly love logistics and who have chosen to make logistics a long-life time career.

  • Developing information, free services and education to keep members informative within the guidelines of the FMCSA and logistics compliance.

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